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It's just a beginning

Our mission is to become the most engaging and trusted source of performing art community that can unleash creator's potential and enrich audience experience. We believe that everyone has so much talent and deserves to have a voice, and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our stories.


What is Attractr

Attractr is a membership platform that sets the stage for producers, artists, and audiences, to collectively change the way live entertainment is created, produced, performed, discovered, and experienced by building a relationship.

For Producers

Attractr sets the stage for producers to reach new audiences and reinforce loyal fans, give artists a voice and more visibility, have access to customer insights to better understand what audiences really want.

For Artists

Attractr sets the stage for artists to communicate, share, and engage with audiences while leveraging and monetizing their talent on and off stage.

For Audiences

Attractr sets the stage for audiences to embark on a personalized , relationship based journey to experience live entertainment differently, and actively contribute to a show’s success.

Why we started Attractr

Don’t you feel more emotionally connected once you discover the behind the scenes? Live entertainment leave audiences disconnected from artists and creators. Social media and event ticketing platform don't provide “build-up” experiences during the ticket buying process: before and after the show. On the other hand, every shows are produced hoping people will come without proving concept throughout the creation process. We thought there were a missing link to bring these needs together in one place.

Who we are


Serge Labelle

Chief people officer


Yuko Nakamura

Project Manager


Denis Labelle

Curator and coach

carla-coming soon

Joining soon